mihail gaberov

Qui docet, discit.


Senior Full Stack Engineer

Valsea, SpainAug 2023 – Present

I am Senior Full Stack engineer for Valsea Technologies, reporting to the EM. I am in charge of developing and maintaining an online casino platform. The tech stack is React/Typescript/Node.js/Vite/Vitest/GraphQL/PostgreSQL.

Lead Frontend Engineer

OLX Group, SpainOct 2022 – Aug 2023

I was Lead Frontend engineer for OLX Autos, reporting to the Engineering Manager. I am in charge of developing and maintaining an online marketplace for buying and selling cars across multiple countries. I migrated the legacy CMS to a modern React CMS and trained the team in the new workflow. This CMS enables the marketplace to update content in minutes instead of hours. The tech stack is React/Javascript/Typescript/Vite/Vitest/Jest/React Testing Library/Cypress/SASS/MUI.

Lead Software Engineer

Ysura GmbH, SpainDec 2020 – Oct 2022

I was Lead Software engineer, reporting to the CTO. I spearheaded the creation and adoption of the new company tech stack. I took active role in developing company's component library and modernizing the legacy CRM platform. The tech stack was React/Vite/Vitest/Jest/React Testing Library/Cypress/Styled Components (AngularJS/jQuery/Stylus for the legacy).

Lead Software Engineer

Playtech, BulgariaNov 2019 – Nov 2020

I was Lead Software engineer for Poker, reporting to the R&D Manager. I design, implemented, tested and released new features of the poker game client. Shortly after joining the company and the team, I managed to modernize the app setup and build processes by utilizing latest Webpack version, which reduced the developers waiting time from appx 13 to less than 2 minutes. I led the redesign and implementation of the new login page of the app, that was adopted by 100% of the users with very positive feedback. I implemented new Cash Out functionality, which increased player's engagement by appx 30%. Participated in building and releasing of the new Scheduled Tournaments functionality, which are proved to bring more than 300% increase of revenue from current and new players. The tech stack was React/Redux/Typescript/SASS/Java.

Lead Software Engineer

Epam Systems (UBS E-Banking), SwitzerlandJan 2018 – Nov 2019

I was Lead Software engineer for Epam Zurich and worked for their client UBS, reporting to both Development Managers from each side. I created and then translated to the other teams the new UI setup (technologies, processes, testing environments) for developing, modernizing and releasing the new version of e-banking. I built a new onboarding wizard tool that has increased usage by new and existing customers by more than 25%. I implemented an internal Node.js based tool that allowed all front-end developers to test their code against real environments. That reduced the time spent for testing with more than 75% and improved communication with QA. The tech stack was React/Typescript/SASS/Enzyme/Node.js/Java.

Senior Front-End Engineer

Ciklum (Lottoland), SpainJuly 2016 – Jan 2018

I was Senior Front-End engineer for Lottoland, reporting to the Delivery Manager. I was committed to implementing the new responsive web design of the main company website - marketing area. This involved modernizing of all magazine pages, campaigns pages and the different lottery ads pages. In this role I orchestrated the front-end working process and deliver the new redesign successfully. In the Spring of 2017 I was promoted to lead the front-end community in the company which involved evaluating and supervising 6-8 front-end engineers. The tech stack was Javascript/jQuery/SASS/Java and on later stages React was adopted.

Senior Front-End Developer

Betsson Group, MaltaJune 2015 – July 2016

Senior Front-End developer, reporting to the Sportsbook Engineering Manager. I developed and launched the new version of their Sportsbook online gambling application. Via the new platform the company tripled its revenue from sports betting offerings in the first trimester after our release. The tech stack was Angular 2.0/Typescript/C#/SASS.

Front-End Developer

Cayetano Gaming, BulgariaJan 2012 – June 2015

Front-End developer for Cayetano Gaming, a subsidiary company of Paddy Power. I was part of the web development team, reporting to the Development Manager. I developed and modernized the betting applications "Paddy Power Social" and "Last Man Standing". Successfully managed to complete the redesign and release it for season Sprint 2015. The tech stack was Javascript/KnockoutJS/SASS/Java.

Flash Developer

Playtech, BulgariaMay 2007 – June 2012

Flash Developer, reporting to the Head of Bingo. I created the user interface of the game. Transitioned to the Poker department. The tech stack was Actionscript 2.0/3.0, Flash/Flex.

Side Projects

Additional Experience, Awards and Certificates

  • Graph Developer - Associate (Dec 2023)
  • Certified for AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • Certified for basic cyber security knowledge (TryHackMe, Advent of Cyber, Dec 2022 and Dec 2023)
  • Nominated for the freeCodeCamp's Top Contributors of 2019, 2020, 2022 and 2023.
  • Won first place in Microsoft Hackathon in Zurich, 2018 – built an app integrated in Azure ecosystem using LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service).
  • UI Community lead (Spring 2017): Trained 10 developers, both front-end and back-end, to modern front-end technologies (JavaScript, Unit Testing).

Languages and Technologies

  • Languages - JavaScript (React, Next, Vue), TypeScript, Node.js, GraphQL, SQL, Python, PHP, Bash
  • Technologies - Web Application Development, Design Patterns (REST API Design, MVC), Databases (MongoDB, SQL), Authentication and Security (OAuth2, OpenID Connect, SSO, JWT), Webpack, Electron, AWS, Testing (Unit, Component, Integration, End-to-end).


Masters Degree in Computer Science for the New Bulgarian University2010 – 2012

Technical University Sofia2003 – 2008